Are you a visual person?
In nearly any industry in the 21st century, policy, paperwork and bureaucracy is such that long convoluted strings of sentences have become the norm.  As such, they have become tolerated.  Despite this paragraph being too small in font, too long in duration and far from visually appealing, you have made an attempt to churn through its convoluted wording because you have presumed that it must be important; this is what our world has taught us. Words are commonly used to their maximum effect in attempts to cover anything and everything so as to leave no legal loopholes. Just take a look at any 'terms and conditions' agreement.  Similarly, search engines trawl through milions upon millions of words and attempt to extract the relevant information.  They do so using your keywords, but fail to incorporate the sense that we have honed over millions of years of evolution - our eyesight.  We use our eyes every day to evaluate everything that we come across in life; you can hear thousands of words about something or someone, but until you actually see it you can be left in the dark as to its exact nature.

Did you bother reading that paragraph?

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Are you a visual person?

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Don't take our word for it:

- People prefer looking at pictures to reading - Eye Track Shop/Mashable study. Nov, 2011

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- Acquiring literacy, although useful, constrains the brain to letter combinations and makes it less plastic - ..Tuning of the Visual Cortex.. May, 2002

- More quotes from various people - origins